A Message from the Publisher

I am honored and delighted to have been able to take ownership of the Journal of Health Care Finance, a well-respected publication for over 30 years that has also been my pleasure to have edited for some 20 years. Taking ownership of the Journal and, at the same time, transforming it from a print publication to an online publication has been a big challenge, but for me a most worthwhile challenge. By “going online” we are able to introduce several major changes including significantly expanding our offerings:

—We are no longer restricted by printing budgets, timetables and page limitations—our Journal can now publish an unlimited number of articles, and the individual articles themselves will have no length limits.

—We can publish more frequently, in a fraction of the “lead time” from initial author submission to publication. In this regard, it is our intent to publish full issues six times per year instead of just quarterly.

—Additionally, in an industry where the ground often “moves beneath our feet” we can offer “special features” at any time, including when notable developments occur that merit timely investigation and coverage.

—We expect to offer occasional special audio and/or video interviews where a particular subject matter warrants elaboration by an expert or experts.

—Our online capabilities have also enabled us to greatly expand our publication of articles dealing with the health care systems of nations outside the U.S. To this end, we have started an “International Section” under the coordination of Professor Mustafa Younis. Our international offerings are expected to increase markedly as we go forward.

Any project of this nature will always be, to some extent, a work in progress, in part because of rapidly advancing publishing technologies as well as unremitting progress in respect to both the forms of and speed of content delivery.Our goal is to try to remain current in these areas while still abiding by our most important goal: providing the reader with the highest quality and most interesting content possible.

James Unland, 
Executive Editor and Publisher