Submit an Article

To submit an article, an article idea or an article abstract, send an email with the subject “New Article Submission”

New articles and ideas for articles are welcomed from throughout the world. Please submit ideas, abstracts or article drafts at least initially in English and, preferably, in Microsoft Word or, if not in MSWord, then in an “RTF” (rich text file). There is no length restriction on articles, and the publisher encourages the use of graphs, charts, exhibits, etc. Articles are welcomed that deal with any health care finance aspect of the U.S. health care system; in addition, articles are also welcomed that deal with the health care systems of nations outside the U.S.

—Articles should be single-spaced with two spaces between paragraphs and the paragraphs should be left/right justified. We prefer that citations take the form of “footnotes” although “general references” may also be placed at the end of the article.
—Articles should have a cover page with the full article title and, below that, the names of authors, their titles, and brief affiliations (i.e., “Professor, XYZ University, City/State/Country). A working email address and telephone number of the lead author or corresponding author should appear on the cover page
—If there is only one author and you are submitting a full article, an “Abstract” can also be placed on the first page below the author’s name and affiliation. If there is more that one author, place the Abstract on the second page, followed by the article itself.
—Exhibits are encouraged. NOTE: Please place exhibits, charts, etc. in the main body of the article at a logical point for the reader; depending on the size of exhibits, they can be on a page that also contains text or, using page breaks, on a separate page. Copyright laws for exhibits do apply of course.
—We will receive the article, review it, and if accepted for publication. we will proof/copy-edit it and send it back to the corresponding author for final check/approval. Then we convert the article to a final PDF for insertion on the web site.