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Vol 41, No 4: Spring 2015 A Comparison of Capital Structure: The Use of Debt in Investor Owned and Not-For-Profit Hospitals Abstract   PDF
Jason Turner, Kevin Broom, Michael Elliott, Jen-Fu Lee
Vol 43, No 3, Winter 2017 A Consumer-based Evaluation of Healthcare Price and Quality Transparency Abstract   PDF
F. Lee Revere, PhD, Alissa Ratanatawan, MD, Elifnur Yay Donderici, MS, J. David Miller, MBA, Robert Morgan, PhD
Special Features (No Subscription Required) A Message from the Publisher Abstract   PDF
James Unland
Vol 42, No 4, Spring 2016 A Place for School-Based Health Centers within the New Era of Alternative Payment Models in Medicaid Abstract   PDF
Winston F. Wong, M.D., M.S., Ben L. Bynum, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.
Vol 43, No 2, Fall 2016 A Stairway to Health Finance Built with Books by Louis Gapenski Abstract   PDF
Thomas E. Getzen, PhD
Vol 42, No 2: Fall 2015 A Stochastic Frontier Analysis of California Safety-Net Hospital Cost Inefficiency through the Great Recession Abstract   PDF
German M. Izon, Chelsea A. Pardini
Vol 43, No 1, Summer 2016 An Analysis of Organizational Structures within Southern Rural Multi-Hospital Systems in the United States Abstract   PDF
George R. Audi, et al
Vol 41, No 3: Winter 2015 An Analysis of the Benefits of Technology Implementation in the Healthcare Industry Abstract   PDF
Kevin Devine, Priscilla O'Clock
Vol 43, No 2, Fall 2016 An Examination of Public Health Financial Management System Accreditation Abstract   PDF
Peggy Honore, DHA MHA, et al
Vol 43, No 1, Summer 2016 An Overview of U.S. Healthcare Financial Models in the Context of Recent and Projected Economic Trends Abstract   PDF
Matthew Chase Lustig, MBA
Tengjiao Xiao, Aurelie Thiele
Vol 42, No 3: WINTER 2016 Analysis of Relative Cost Variations and Relative Effectiveness Of Anemia Treatment Via Alternate Methods of Iron Administration Abstract   PDF
Larregina Alejandra, Marin H. Gustavo, Polini Nelida
Vol 42, No 1: Summer 2015 Are Publicly Reported Quality Measures Aligned with Nursing Home Prices? Abstract   PDF
Jan P. Clement, Jaya Khushalani
Vol 42, No 1: Summer 2015 Assessing the Financial Performance of Health Insurers Paying a Rebate under ACA Abstract   PDF
Michael McCue
Vol 43, No 2, Fall 2016 Assessing the Public Health Activity Estimate from the National Health Expenditure Accounts: Why Public Health Expenditure Definitions Matter Abstract   PDF
Jonathon P. Leider PhD, et al
Vol 40, No 4: Spring 2014 Bipolar Disorder & Comorbid Type II Diabetes: Ramifications Of Unstable Insulin Levels Abstract   PDF
Paul J. Flaer, Mustafa Z. Younis
Vol 42, No 4, Spring 2016 CarePayment Program Hospital Outcomes: Results from Semi-Structured Interviews with Hospital Staff Abstract   PDF
Julie Solomon, Ph.D., Laura Lessard, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Vol 43, No 2, Fall 2016 Cash Reserves and System Membership: Does System Membership Improve Not-For-Profit Hospitals’ Access to Internal Capital by Reducing Optimal Cash Balances? Abstract   PDF
Nathan Carroll, PhD, et al
Vol 43, No 3, Winter 2017 Challenges in Healthcare Quality Transparency Efforts in Respect to U.S. Medical Practices Abstract   PDF
Trudy Millard Krause, DrPH, Joseph Chen, MHS, Cecilia Ganduglia Cazaban, MD, DrPH
Vol 43, No 1, Summer 2016 Command-Directed Mental Health Evaluations and Mental Health Related Discharges from the United States Military: An Argument for Command Authority Abstract   PDF
Laura K. Buchholtz
Vol 43, No 1, Summer 2016 Completely Unreasonable: The “Practice Losses” Theory as a Basis for Stark Violations in the Era of Value-Based Reimbursement Abstract   PDF
Daniel Kiehl, J.D., LL.M.
Vol 42, No 3: WINTER 2016 Cost-Sharing Implementation for Children Among State Medicaid Programs Abstract   PDF
Mary Mathew, MPH, Paul F. Turcotte II, MPH, Kaitlin H. Koffer Miller, MPH, Lindsay Shea, DrPH, MS
S. Adil Husain, M. Sajed Rahman, Clinton E. Baisden, Dana A. Forgione, Lauren C. Kane, Steven R. Neish, John H. Calhoon
Vol 42, No 2: Fall 2015 Development and Effectiveness of a National Board Certification for Occupational Therapists (NBCOT) Examination Preparatory Course Abstract   PDF
Aurelia Alexander, Martha Perryman, Patrick A. Rivers
Vol 42, No 1: Summer 2015 Do Leading Health Insurers’ Market Shares Churn? Some Observational Evidence from U.S. Metropolitan Markets Abstract   PDF
Rexford E. Santerre, Laurie J. Bates
Sinyoung Park, PhD, Jeffrey S. Harman, PhD, Allyson G. Hall, PhD, Jon Mills, MBA, R. Paul Duncan, PhD
Vol 43, No 3, Winter 2017 Does Media Attention Highlighting Hospitals with High Charges Lead to Charge Reductions? Abstract   PDF
Karoline Mortensen, Ph.D., Tianyan Hu, Ph.D., Steven G. Ullmann, Ph.D., Michael T. French, Ph.D.
Vol 42, No 2: Fall 2015 Does Quality Matter? A Study of Stock Price Reactions and the Implications for Healthcare Organizations Abstract   PDF
Kevin D. Broom, Jason S. Turner, Stephen D. Schwab, Michael P. Pesely
Vol 41, No 1: Summer 2014 Effects of the New Health Care Reform on Hospital Performance in China: A Seven-Year Trend from 2005 to 2011 Abstract   PDF
Jay J. Shen, Shoujun Zhou, Lin Xu, Jiaying Chen, Christopher R. Cochran, Erica R. Fisher, Shoujun Zhou
Vol 41, No 4: Spring 2015 EHR Adoption and Cost of Care – Evidence from Patient Safety Indicators Abstract   PDF
Jay Shen, Josue Epane, Robert Weech-Maldonado, Guogen Shan, Lisa Liu
Vol 42, No 2: Fall 2015 Emergency Medical Services: Decreasing Revenue and the Regulated Healthcare Environment Will Ambulance Transport Providers Survive? Abstract   PDF
Julie Haslam
Vol 42, No 4, Spring 2016 Enterprise Dispute Resolution:Full Disclosure and Early Offer Policies in the Event of an Indisputable Medical Error Abstract   PDF
Lisa Shah Evans
Unland Evaluating Hospital Business Fundamentals 1989 Abstract   PDF
James Unland
Vol 42, No 1: Summer 2015 Evaluation of Resulting Financial Risk for Disclosure in Annual Reports Abstract   PDF
James D. Byrd, Jr., S. Robert Hernandez, Greg L. Carlson, Larry R. Hearld, Richard A. Turpen
Vol 41, No 1: Summer 2014 Examining the Impact of Health Care Expenditures on Health Outcomes in the Middle East and N. Africa Abstract   PDF
Fevzi Akinci, Samer Hamidi, Farrukh Suvankulov, Alisher Akhmedjonov
Vol 43, No 2, Fall 2016 Fair Value Accounting for Health Care Entities: Impact on Hospital Performance Reporting Abstract   PDF
Nancy M. Kane, DBA
Special Features (No Subscription Required) FDA Review of Medical Devices: Should Consumers Really Feel Safe? Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Von Wahlde, MJ, CCRP
Unland Federal Trade Commission v. Evanston Northwestern Healthcare: What Was It About, What Really Happened? Abstract   PDF
James Unland
Vol 42, No 4, Spring 2016 Financial Leverage and Hospital Technology Adoption Abstract   PDF
Sean Shenghsiu Huang
Vol 43, No 2, Fall 2016 From the Guest Editors: About this Special Issue Honoring Louis C. Gapenski Abstract   PDF
Dean G. Smith, Ph.D., Peggy Honore, DHA, MHA
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